Anger Toolbox for Kids(tm):

When you subscribe to the Anger Toolbox for Kids, you'll be taking a giant step forward in helping your child better deal with angry feelings!  You'll join with thousands of parents, child care professionals and educators who have used Kidlutions Solutions to help kids tame their tempers!  If you want to ask a particular question, please let us know about it here.  We'll answer some of the questions on our blog and in our newsletter. 

Everyone who signs up will get the link to the
downloadable MP3 file, as well as our PDF handouts!

We look forward to spending some time with you to talk about helping kids deal effectively with anger.  Our 45 minute informational download will help you understand:

1. The origins of anger in children
2. The physical and emotional reactions that occur when kids get mad 
3. Why some kids experience anger much more intensely than others
4. The top ways we inadvertently encourage more "over-the-top" anger reactions in our kids
5. Ways we can HELP our kids deal with anger


Most importantly, we'll share the good news about some ways we can help kids tame their temper and learn how to shrink it down.  We'll discover that mad isn't bad and we will take a hopeful and realistic look at teaching kids the important lifelong skill of anger-management. 

All that and more is waiting for you when you sign up. 


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